Top 10 Smart Fitness Gadgets For A Healthier Lifestyle

Make yourself fit and smart by taking good care of your health. Set up a specific routine for your diet and health and make sure to follow it every single day. Give yourself several benchmarks and challenges to be more motivated about your daily fitness goal.

There are many exercises and activities which help a person to stay fit and active. Some of those are walking, running, swimming, jogging, playing tennis/badminton, cycling, etc.

find out the activity which is the most interesting to you and start doing that daily. It will not only help you to pass your free time but will also improve your health and fitness.

Another excellent method to stay motivated and keep yourself interested in the health maintenance process is the fitness tracking gadgets.

These are the gadgets that have the features of analyzing your health by tracking different things related to your body such as steps covered, sleep pattern, number of glasses of water, blood pressure level, sugar level, etc.

The gadgets are highly advanced and work on different technologies to give out the best result. Following are the top 10 gadgets for you to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Finis Neptune

It is the gadget that lets the swimmers enjoy music while they swim. Listening to songs is the perfect pass time and also the motivation that gets you going during your workout session. However, swimmers do not get that luxury until before finis Neptune.

The device does not require earplugs to transfer music into the listener’s ears and instead uses the bone conduction audio to pass the music into the ears. The sound system of the device gets better when it goes underwater.

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Misfit Shine

It is a small device that tracks your movement and activities and helps the fitness tracking app on your iPhone to set enhanced health goals for you. The device mostly comes in the form of a bracelet, a pendant, or a small pocket-size object. It can also be tied to your arm while you carry on with your everyday activities.


It is the device used by bicycle riders to keep a check on their heart rate. The screen of sportiiiis heads-up and a voice speaks up to direct the bicycle rider about his health stats. He gets notified about the heart rate, cycling speed, power, etc.

ISpO2 Pulse Oximeter

The device is connected to older Apple devices with the help of a 30-pin connector and tracks your blood oxygenation levels, perfusion index, and pulse rate. It is the appropriate gadget to use if you want to keep your athletic data stored and safe.


It is a device that keeps a check on your diet and portions. It has unique sensors which start vibrating when you are eating too fast, or the portion size of the meal is not appropriate.

The device also can keep track of your duration of eating and the intervals and number of serving of forks each second. Most of the time people forget to keep track of their meals and end up eating an inappropriate amount of food disturbing their clean diet.

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria is a health gadget that has the features of tracking your body weight and mass. It is an excellent device for people who watch after their body fat percentages and body mass index (BMI).

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The device makes sure to keep a thorough check on your body weight and then analyze which type of exercise and care your body requires. You can also save your health data through this device for any future process.


Trace is the fitness tracker for people who do massive sporting like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. The device is to be mounted on your sporting board.

The device will then keep track of the tricks you have landed, your speed, and maximum height and sync all of the data with a Smartphone app.

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

Amiigo fitness bracelet stands out from the other activity counter devices. It has two different parts consisting of a wristband and a small device on the shoe.

The wristband monitors the upper body movement and progress and the part of the shoe monitors the lower body movement and progress.

Sensoria Smart Socks

Sensorial socks are a particular type of socks that tracks the body movements from the ankle point. It is the appropriate gadget for the runners and informs them about the progress of their running and what to improve or fix.

These pairs of socks are washable, so you do not have to worry about them stinking.

Umoro One

Umoro One is an excellent bottle that can push up 1.5 scoops of whey protein mix. It is an essential product for people who do intense workout sessions and regularly have their protein intake before and after each workout session.

Due to these bottles, the gym freaks do not have to carry multiple bottles with them when they go to the gym for exercise.

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Mentioned above are the ten top gadgets which are cool and extremely useful to track different aspects of your health. These gadgets are pretty in design as well which makes you want to purchase them.

Since most gadgets are tech-savvy, therefore, it makes a person want to work hard enough to complete the goal set by the device. Most of these devices rank among the best affordable fitness tracker for the gym.
Thank you!