Personality Development Tips

What is personality development?  How often do we hear this term from our mentors or our teachers?

Even the banners of institutes based on heal and cure of oneself, use this term as a promotional keyword.

“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior.
Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.”  
Maxwell Maltz

Everyone is born unique and possesses certain traits that set us apart or are different from other individuals.

People are naturally born with different traits— some traits are genetically exchanged and some are gifted by GOD. For instance, a bit of nature is genetically taken whereas the fact that she is the only person in the home who is known as a skillful person when it comes to illustrating anyone’s face in form of a sketch.

Therefore, here is the actual definition of Personality Development,

“Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one
another.” Wikipedia

When we touch the core of teenage, the problems begin as if we are all born with these headaches. From wearing to being overweight, from dressing to poverty and being rich, from talking to being rude, we gain these judgments as they are born with us.

That’s true that we are born with this, fear of developing a personality is of real and everyone should be careful, not fear when it comes to making up the personality or developing it.

Do not ever forget that learning is a key to development and development is all that you want. Another thing I personally advise people and other amazing people left these words as a remark that one who learns from other’s mistakes is smart than those who learn from their own experiences.

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We learn from each other. We learn from others’ mistakes, their
experience, and their wisdom. It makes it easier for us to come to better
decisions in our own lives. Adrian Grenier

A great Muslim caliph said: “Learn from the misfortune of others” Ali Ibn Abu Talib

Personality development is based on some tips that need to be followed by those who want to develop their personalities and the inner self. One more thing to remember keeps on learning until death.

Learning is the thing that makes you able to take hold of great things and inject them into your personality to enhance the procedure of development. Before going through the kit and caboodle of personality development— keep your information updated, for instance, book writing Inc. plays a great role in writing books based on self-help, motivation, and personal development.

  • Trust yourself
  • Choose positivity
  • Meet new people
  • Read more often
  • Be a good listener
  • Be a little fun
  • Be Impressive; set your attire
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Develop new interests
  • Be humble

These stated tips need to be fulfilled if you are working on changing yourself or developing your personality. We as humans should see the good in others and learn as fast as we can and avoid the bad as much as we can because these are the key guides that save us from destroying ourselves.

Here I am going to define a few of the above, which are the most important and help you in developing your personality.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not
go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” 
Bruce Lee

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Personality Development Tip: Trust yourself

Trust yourself not because it makes you look different but because people will see you differently. Once you start trusting yourself, everything comes in contact to reach you to the top of success.

Do not shy away from accepting your flaws and trust yourself that you can change your flaws into claws.

Choose Positivity

Choose positivity because negative things are too common to approach, your thoughts, your actions, and your To-do-list should be based on positive approaches as it makes you an attractive personality.

It’s human nature to see bad at first and opt for negativity before looking towards the positive side. In order to adopt a positive outlook toward life, you need to find the brighter side of things and focus on the good parts.

Meeting new people

Meeting new and unlike types of individuals is a vigorous step in the direction of increasing your vistas and revealing yourself.

You get a chance to know more about other cultural values and existences and it meaningfully has an optimistic consequence on your own persona.

Be A Good listener

When someone talks to you, listen with attention and give them all the consideration and importance. Keep straight eye contact and do not get unfocused by the ambiance.

It will help you in knowing an enhanced deal about people and joining them in an improved way.

Be A Little Fun

Being able to discover an entertaining side as it is one of the best things you could do and carrying a slight weirdness of your own is valued by one and all.

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Everybody loves a person who can make people giggle and bring a humorous outlook to the steady things of life.

Develop New Interest

if you have less knowledge in an environment where the debate topic is out of reach then you will feel left out in a public who is well informed.

Try to develop new interests and cultivate the extra knowledge. Therefore, you can be able to talk about interesting topics and strike up amazing conversations instead of appearing to be dull and monotonous.