7 Steps To Building Self-Confidence!

Building self-confidence is an extremely important skill and it helps you to succeed in your life. The people who lack self-confidence struggle in their life and they find anything difficult and they always are afraid to do something different.

And the people always don’t back any project with a person who doesn’t have self-confidence. On the other hand, people invest in any project with a confident person who knows what he says, answers questions assuredly and goes forward towards his goal, and doesn’t care about what the others say.

Steps To Building Self-Confidence

Definition of building self-confidence:

Self-confidence skill is the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task. No matter the adversity, no matter difficulty, and no matter challenges.

No doubt that some people have self-confidence in their genetics but there are many ways to help in building self-confidence; this means it can be trained and developed as we will see.

Building self-confidence is important:

Building self-confidence is important for all the people:

  • A person who has self-confidence is more welcome in his/her business and social circles. The people welcome you, like you, and open any door for you.
  • Self-confidence helps you to face any challenge, therefore, helps you to succeed in you your life.
  • If you are a seller have this skill; the costumes will feel better about you and you will be more desirable.

7 steps help in building self-confidence:

As we said before self-confidence sometimes is genetic but it can be trained and developed. The following steps will help you in building self-confidence:

1- Groom yourself:

Regular grooming will keep you feeling more confident. So you should be in a beautiful form and take your time to maintain a professional appearance, always take shower, use Perfume and deodorant, clean and order your hair, brush your teeth and dress nicely and keep in mind “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  • If you are going to an interview for a new job or a new position, you should seem in a beautiful form, because the picture you create in minds of the people impacts directly on their decisions.
  • When you groom yourself the people will like you, feel better about you, and think positive about you. They will think like “yeah, he/she looks good, he/she looks nice”
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2- Think positively :

All people have positive thoughts and negative thoughts but we have to kill the negative thoughts because the people who think badly about their selves, they don’t have self-confidence.

So don’t say “I can’t do this”,” it’s never going to work” or “this is terrible”, but stop it and think positive about yourself and say “I can do this”,” I’m amazing and this is going to work because I want to”.

  • You need to think positively especially when you are feeling down because by thinking positively you can improve your mood and overcome any difficulty or obstacle.
  • If you want to build your self-confidence it’s important to focus on the good things, don’t think about the bad things but think about how you can overcome them, find humor in bad situations, and turns failure into learned lessons.
  • Find and surround yourself with positive people, mentors, and co-workers. These people will promote a feeling of power and help you to think positively and build you up. The confident person inspires the people who surrounded him and gain their self-confidence.

3- Act positively:

By acting positively people will like you, thank you, and accept you, this will make you feel more self-confident.

  • Build your self-confidence by helping the people, serving the people, volunteering to do good things, smiling at the people and thanking the people who do good things and believing in yourself and overcoming the bad things, and doing the good things you’ve learned.
  • When you fail to do something, think about why you failed and what you can do to avoid the failure in the next time. You may ask someone who has the experience for advice to avoid failure again.
  • Do what you believe to be right even if others criticize you for it. And don’t govern your behavior based on what other people say or think but by what you believe.
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4- Get prepared:

If you want to succeed in something you will feel better about yourself if you are prepared for success.

  • Assume you have an exam, you should study and take practice exams and practice quizzes. You should be prepared to pass your exam
  • Likewise, if you are going to meet new people or go to an interview you should be prepared. And if you are going to attend a meeting you should collect any information you need to feel that you are prepared because that will help you to be confident and have a successful meeting.
  • If you can’t do something you want to, you should learn how you can do it and repeat doing it more and more to be more confident.

5- Belief in your abilities:

List your abilities and you should find and know your qualities instead of focusing on the negative things and be ready to take risks and to do extra efforts to achieve better things don’t be afraid of failure because everyone is going to fail sometimes.

Everyone is good at something so focus on things you are good at and learn how you can use those things to build your self-confidence and succeed in your life.

6-Set SMART goals:

To be more confident don’t put yourself upon failure so your goal must be a SMART goal:

SMART stands for:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Time-bound

To learn how to set and achieve your goals read this article (How to achieve your goals and dreams)

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7- Set small goals

  • If you have a big goal, divide it into small goals to be able to achieve it and to be more confident. As an example, if you want to accomplish a big company don’t think how can I do it now? But think about what can I do every day to achieve my goal?
  • If you achieve your small goals, you will feel more confident and feel better about yourself because you are on the way to achieving your big goal.