Importance Of Reading Books

Hold on for a minute.

Are you one of those 92 percent of people who never achieve their goal? A person who never becomes rich in his life and does not live a quality life. Such people who always blame their surroundings, parents, school, and Govt. for their failures.

I bet you are not of them but you are not also a part of the rest 8 percent of people who win the game of success. Who fight for their dreams and never stop till they accomplish what they want.

Then which group do you belong to?

You are the one who is trying to escape the failed ones and join the few but successful and rich people of our world. You crave to learn, work hard and join the most prosperous people in your field.

But did I forget to mention something here?

Yes, the obstacles of your life, the hurdles of your path to becoming wealthy, and the problems which you are never able to solve.

Is there a way to overcome all of these above monsters of your failures?

Yes, here is.

The most wealthy people on our planet share their secrets with us to become what they are today. And the secret to their immense triumphs is to read a book every week to make the most of your lives.

How can books help you become a leader?

Keep reading this article (importance of reading books) to realize the power of reading books.

Why Every Millionaire believes in learning

The sure path to success is to follow the extraordinary people Because they did not only fight well with the hardship of their lives but also change the way of the existence of the HUMAN race.

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Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many others invented the wonderful things which were not possible for the next hundred years if they did not envision the possibility of new ideas and lifelong learning.

Books make our minds able to grow, expand their limitations, and believe in what is unimaginable. You can not become a millionaire if you can not think differently than millions of people. And the only way it is possible is if you follow the habit of completing at least one book before you end a week of your lifetime.

Let me borrow some words from a phenomenal guru. “… a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Throne

It means you have to keep sharpening your mind to defeat your competitors and to see a ray of opportunity inside a dark room of disappointments. Books give you the essential courage to take your step out into an unknown world.

Can I suggest to you the best books ever written on this planet?

Of course, I can. Here is your gift. 100 Books to Read Before You Die.

Self-Educate Yourself Every day of Your Life

There have been many heroes in our history who never went to the colleges and universities but they did go to the libraries. So they can read the books of the most beautiful minds of all time.

What if you start your day with the life lessons of Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

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They teach you how to face your biggest struggles with ease and help you heal the deepest wounds life gives you along the way.

The key to self-awareness is reading a book every day.

It is like you are doing a conversation with the author and you never have to tell him anything. He already knows your fears, your confusion, and the conflicts you are having inside and outside of your life.

When you start reading a book, it sounds strange and unfamiliar, after finishing some pages you feel that the story is somewhere attached to you.

And the moment you spent enough time with the book, the author will convince you that it is your story. Then you will find the answers to various barriers.

Such barriers stop you from living a fulfilled life and knowing your true self.

If you want it to happen in your life then today is the best day to start your new book.

Divert your Mind from Negative Thinking

Do you know what is the most realistic difference between rich people and poor people around us?

The answer is Thinking.

Affluent people think of possibilities. They anticipate the big opportunities and make a fortune out of them.

While Poor people spend their lives in fear and take so much to make the right decision.

Wealth does not only includes money but also your relationships, your values, and your self-existence

You may ask; How does reading a book help us reach our highest potential as human beings?

Books make you confident, intellectual, and productive. You become able to understand your desires, emotions, and strengths so you can create happiness and love in the life of your loved ones.

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Negative thinking causes the birth of hate, envy, and condemnation among people, and because of it, you always look at the dark side of the incidents which occur in your life.

Let’s read some words of Zig Ziglar here. “… Of course, motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.”

A book can help you elevate your thoughts. Then your thoughts will uplift your attitude.

It can also develop your imagination and creativity so you can discover your unique strengths and use them to become successful and wealthy in your life.


For the final thought, Ernest Hemingway has some beautiful words for us; “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” So there is a vast sea of knowledge and discoveries of new ideas, cultures, and even worlds waiting for you. You can join the city library or read your favorite books on your laptop.

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